About me

photo Katja

My name is Katja Durrani. I have started to develop websites professionally on a freelance basis after doing a lot of work voluntarily.

I am originally from Germany and now living in Bristol in the UK with my husband and our two children.


I am a trained biologist and used to work in medical information for the pharmaceutical industry. What interested me most was how best to organize, retrieve and present knowledge. That is why I took a postgraduate certificate in Pharmaceutical Information Management at City University London. I loved the module Data Representation and Management, which included introductions to HTML, XML and SQL, confirming that what I really wanted to do was create websites - something I had begun in 2000 with a personal website.

It was not until I had my children though, and I had quit my previous job, that I began to get serious about making websites. I started off by setting up a website for a local toddler group that I helped to run and things took off from there.

Special interests

I am interested in content management systems and how they can be customized. For the websites I make, I mostly use Silverstripe.

Also, I am interested in how web design and development could be taught, including communication of web standards. (Good examples of this are the Opera Web Standards Curriculum and the WaSP InterAct Curriculum)


  • (X)HTML and CSS
  • PHP5/MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Photoshop
  • Experience with CMS's TYPO3, Plone and Virtual Learning Environment Moodle

I follow web standards and accessibility guidelines.