Before Sunrise:

  • One of my favourite films: A night in Vienna with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. (And they do meet again - in "Before Sunset". And then they stay together, which was possibly not such a good idea and made for a film I feel a bit mixed about, despite great acting!)
  • "For what is night if not day, only better, slower, weirder - a bit like being in a sensory deprivation tank with all the annoying bits (the distractions and dilutions) taken out?" - Barbara Ellen in "Blame the Day Nazis", published in the Observer in 2007 (read the last two paragraphs!)
  • For a while: A time of feeding and frequent nappy changes, as well as writing code. No more attending to babies, but the nightly coding habit has stayed. In fact, I'd like the name to be a nod to all that those nights have given me, but at the same time turn a page and say 'this is a thing of the past' - except on some special occasions ;)